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Is having a healthy and beautiful yard important to you? You want to leave it to the professionals to maintain a healthy, clean and attractive look of your property to improve your home’s first impression. There is an endless number of possibilities on how we can get this done, and it can be anything as simple and elegant as mulch installation to a total transformation of your home’s landscape. We are at your service! We have a full-time landscaping team with most of our employees having over 5 years of experience and we even have professionals with over 40 years of experience. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your property maintenance needs.

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Yard Care Services

Contact us, and we can help you in maintaining a beautiful yard. We got you covered.


With proper care and maintenance, your garden and flower beds will make your property beautiful.


Mulching will improve the capacity of soil to store water and keep your plants strong and vibrant.


We use various plants, materials & native plants sourced by the best local growers and nurseries.

Rock Installation

Usually, we finish out landscaping and installation services with mulching or rock ground coverings.


Our landscape designers are here to offer a wide range of great shrubs and plants for all seasons.


Edging is used to define flower border, shrub bed, a single tree or to create transitions.

We Take Pride in Making Your Yard Look Great

What Our Customers Think

"Mr. Lundy is true to his word. He listens and works with customer needs. His staff are outstanding, competent and friendly. Excellent work and a fair price."

Martha Norris
"Lundy's Landscape Services did a great job during this pandemic to make sure someone would be out to take care of our property when I know he must have been short on workers during this time. He is always very professional and returns all of my calls or texts."

Dianna Swisher Cochran
"A great company from start to finish. Aaron Lundy and his crew came to the rescue after a previous lawn company left my yard in a terrible condition. After notifying Aaron of my lawn condition, he got back to me the next day. I explained to him a little of what I had in mind and the type of "look" I wanted. The look was very specific..."

Sabrina B
"Aaron and his crew at Lundy’s have taken care of our snow and ice removal since November and I couldn’t be happier with the service they have provided. Our parking lot, dock, and sidewalks at the Post Office have been cleared and ready for business every morning this Winter."

Mark Sheets
"We used Lundy’s last season and they were great! On time, professional, and responsive if there were questions about their services. We have moved to a new home and will highly consider them for their lawn care services and landscaping again."

Levi Gillespie
"Aaron and his crew provide a one stop shop service for me and my family. Timely, responsive, and well equipped to handle your Landscaping and Lawn Care Needs. He started in mowing our yard for 2 summers while my husband had extended travel...”

Rachael Beverly
"Lundy's Landscape Services does an amazing job! They are always professional, they do an excellent job- our lawn always looks amazing when they finish. The professionalism and attention to details is unmatched! Definitely refer my friends."

Rodney Stamper
"Lundy's Landscape Services provides snow removal for our property and have proven to be efficient and reliable. Highly recommend them to anyone!"

Rhiannon Powers
“Aaron the owner came to our house for an estimate on some yard work we need done. He was on time, very professional, and extremely helpful/informative with our questions. I would highly recommend this company for others and it will definitely be the one we use.”

Kyle Doty
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Flower Bed and Landscape Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, your garden and flower beds will make your property look beautiful and bright. But without proper maintenance you will end up with unwanted weeds, sloppy edges or compacted soil that will smother your plants or even worse, make them die out. We provide services like weed control, soil cultivation, ranking, flower care, edging, and more in order to make your yard look beautiful throughout the whole year.


In layman’s terms, mulch is just a layer of organic material that’s spread on top of the soil. This organic material can be anything from wood chips, grape pulp, shell nuts, compost, manure, to dry grass, leaves, etc. Mulches of manure or compost will be decomposed into the soil with the help of worms and other organisms. It’s important to understand the right process of mulching because only when it’s done correctly, it will improve the capacity of soil to store water hence giving your plants fuel to keep them strong and vibrant.

Decorative Plant Installation

Lundy’s Landscape Services team is here to help you do anything to improve your home’s first impression, and what better place to start from if not by focusing on plant installation? Our team is composed of creative landscapers that have an excellent creative eye and the great attention to detail you need. We use various plants and plant materials, native plants, unusual specimens all sourced by the best local growers and nurseries.

Rock Installation

Usually, we finish out landscaping and installation services with mulching or rock-ground coverings. We only keep the best and most popular mulches in our local nursery but if you have specific needs we can get them from our local suppliers. The same thing goes for decorative rocks or other coverings, once we decide what options would be the best for you, we are able to install them on your property. Mulching or decorative rocks and other coverings are not only for aesthetics. They are also applied to the surface of exposed soil so that they can keep the water retained and provide health benefits for your plants. Other than retaining moisture, they also regulate the temperature of the soil, which creates a much better growing environment for your plants, shrubs, trees or flowers.

Shrubbery Installation

Shrubberies that require little maintenance, respond well to different seasons and provide privacy for parts of your property are all important factors that have to be considered when choosing the ideal shrub for your home. We offer a wide range of great shrubs and plants with beautiful colors for different seasons for your home that you can choose from. Shrubs and trees can also be used to create privacy screens and borders on your property’s landscape. Once we plant them, we will use the soil that’s perfect for our region. This will help them adapt to their new environment and they will be able to start growing healthy. This is especially important when it comes to younger plants and shrubs because they are more prone to diseases and damage until they grow and become stronger.

Edging Installation

Edging is used to define flower border, shrub bed, a single tree or to create a transition from patio to surrounding garden. It helps make the bed lines more visible.

Stone Edging

Stone edging is a method where we use stones and concrete to outline and emphasize patios, walkways, gardens or other landscaping elements. Stone is great for edging because it will not rust or rot, and it’s highly unlikely that it will break if somebody steps on it or runs it over. Stone edging is perfect for improving the look of your property and for creating barriers for vehicles and people.

Natural edging

Natural edging is a bed edge divider that doesn’t use any materials, just a clean earthen trench. Natural bed edging can be done in two ways: by hand, by a shovel, or mechanically with an edging machine. With our skilled workers, regardless of which method we choose, you will still receive the same beautiful end product and look.

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