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Your home is a haven. We are not the ones who create landscapes; we are the ones who create emotions. We build spaces for friends to gather for barbecues and celebrations. Landscape design does not have to be monotonous and conventional. We take pride in creating warm and inviting settings that homeowners are proud to show off to their neighbors and friends.

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Landscaping Services

We are the one-stop shop for all your outdoor property needs.
A view from a house's front door showcasing a landscaped backyard with a variety of rocks and plants creating a rock garden. A wooden deck extends from the house, leading towards the rock garden and providing a space for relaxation outdoors.


With our experienced landscaping design and maintenance services, we can transform your yard into something truly magnificent.
A house with a healthy lawn; the house is situated near a body of water

Lawn Care

We are the answer to your search for a lawn care service near me. Get a quick free quote for lawn care services such as aeration, mowing others.
A hardscaping design on a backyard - a concrete patio and firepit


Hardscape is any element of your landscape design that is not living. These are the space’s more abrasive architectural elements, such as concrete, rocks, bricks and others.
Debris of trees and plants on a residential backyard.

Tree Services

Regardless of the scope of the project, we take pride in exceeding your expectations when it comes to tree and landscaping services. Our crew has extensive experience performing a number of services, including tree removal and trimming.
Mulching and lawn care for the front yard

Spring/Fall Cleanup

We will remove all leaves, branches, and other trash that has gathered around your yard and landscape beds during the winter and carry it away. Spring is a season of rebirth and reawakening following a long winter’s slumber.
Snow plowing vehicle

Snow Removal

Snow is wonderful, but removing it creates stress and headaches. Snow removal without competent assistance can cause small and severe injuries. It is also difficult for homeowners to remove all snow from their property.

We Take Pride in Making Your Yard Look Great

"Mr. Lundy is true to his word. He listens and works with customer needs. His staff are outstanding, competent and friendly. Excellent work and a fair price."

Martha Norris
"Lundy's Landscape Services did a great job during this pandemic to make sure someone would be out to take care of our property when I know he must have been short on workers during this time..."

Dianna Swisher Cochran
"A great company from start to finish. Aaron Lundy and his crew came to the rescue after a previous lawn company left my yard in a terrible condition. After notifying Aaron of my lawn condition, he got back to me the next day..."

Sabrina B
"Aaron and his crew at Lundy’s have taken care of our snow and ice removal since November and I couldn’t be happier with the service they have provided. Our parking lot, dock, and sidewalks at the Post Office..."

Mark Sheets
"We used Lundy’s last season and they were great! On time, professional, and responsive if there were questions about their services. We have moved to a new home and will highly consider them for their lawn care services..."

Levi Gillespie
"Aaron and his crew provide a one stop shop service for me and my family. Timely, responsive, and well equipped to handle your Landscaping and Lawn Care Needs. He started in mowing our yard for 2 summers while my husband had extended travel...”

Rachael Beverly
"Lundy's Landscape Services provides snow removal for our property and have proven to be efficient and reliable. Highly recommend them to anyone!"

Rhiannon Powers
"Lundy's Landscape Services does an amazing job! They are always professional, they do an excellent job- our lawn always looks amazing when they finish. The professionalism and attention to details is unmatched! Definitely refer my friends."

Rodney Stamper
“Aaron the owner came to our house for an estimate on some yard work we need done. He was on time, very professional, and extremely helpful/informative with our questions. I would highly recommend this company for others and it will definitely be the one we use.”

Kyle Doty
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Yard Care Services

Having a healthy, great-looking yard is important to you. You want to leave it to the professionals to maintain a healthy, clean and attractive look of your property to improve your home’s first impression.
Lawn Tractor mower


Our lawn maintenance services include everything from mowing the grass to tree pruning and fertilization.
Mulch in a wheelbarrow, added to the soil to reduce weed growth and to maintain soil moisture


Mulch will help maintain moisture in the soil and will keep it cool while preventing frost heave in the winter. It will also improve the appearance of your yard.
Plastic mulching for improved landscaping of the residential property


Our planting crew has years of knowledge and all of the necessary resources to correctly install plants.
Hardscaping retaining wall in the front yard of a house

Rock Installation

Rocks are ideal for low-maintenance gardens and landscaping.
A house front yard improved with landscaping services


By filtering dust and pollutants, shrubs improve air quality. They minimize erosion, which reduces rainwater runoff and toxic substances in waterways.
Landscaping and lawn care of a residential yard


Edging defines the boundaries of beds and other places with neat, crisp lines.

Lawn Care Services

Leave the hard work up to us! Your vision is important and we are ready to make your vision come alive. Our trained staff will customize a lawn care program to fit your needs and budget. You’ll never have to worry about it again!
A lawn mower in a yard, trimming grass

Lawn Mowing

Mowing the lawn regularly ensures uniformity in color and length. This improves the look of your property.
Cutting of trees that are interfering with the power lines

Lawn Seeding

Seeding is a simple and effective method for repairing ruts along driveways, places worn down by foot traffic, and small patches that have died for any cause.
Landscaping and lawn care of a residential yard

Weed Control

It is vital to eradicate unsightly weeds in order to improve the beauty and health of your yard. Call and we will help you.
Lawn aeration using weed fork

Lawn Aeration

Aeration ensures that nutrients from the air, water, and fertilizer reach the soil, which can result in defects in your perfectly maintained lawn.
Mulch in a wheelbarrow, added to the soil to reduce weed growth and to maintain soil moisture


Topsoil contains the nutrients and minerals necessary for your plants, veggies, and shrubs to thrive and develop into healthy, happy plants.
A wide lawn with noticeable lawn mower tracks


Fertilizers are critical to your grass’s health and vitality. Fertilizing your lawn can ensure that it remains healthy, lush, and green.

Tree Planting, Pruning, and Removal Services

Whether the need is from storm damage, just as a safety precaution, or to renovate your property’s appearance, let us assist you in pruning, trimming or removing any type or size of tree. Our arborists are one with the trees and will make sure you get the tree care you need.
A skilled worker manipulation a heavy equipment used in lawn maintenance

Tree Removal

Our qualified and trained staff is proficient in suitable tree felling tactics such as crane operation, rigging, and roping. We use heavy machinery to ensure that the operation is completed properly and efficiently.
Tree Removal Service, a cut down tree and a huge stump

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can take up a lot of space on a property. Let us come to your property and take care of it for you. We are capable of handling any residential or commercial stump removal task, no matter how large or small.
A professional on a bucket lift working on cutting down a tree

Tree Trimming

To preserve the beauty, health, and safety of your trees, we recommend trimming them once every 1-2 years, depending on the tree type. Give us a call and we will help you in keeping your trees healthy.
Trees interfering with the power lines need to be cut down

Tree Care

Let us come to your property and diagnose and treat insect infestation or tree diseases. We would gladly guide you through the entire process of tree care, supporting you in creating a beautiful landscape.

Hardscaping: Patios, Walkways, and Retaining Walls

A yard isn’t all plants. Our crew of expert landscapers is prepared to build walkways, patios, retaining walls, and even fire pits using any of the various types of manufactured blocks or natural stones available.
Retaining wall constructed

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls enable you to have varying soil levels across your yard. They hold the soil together and prevent erosion, allowing you to create the garden of your dreams.
Walkway construction made of paver blocks

Patio Blocks

A patio is a flat, paved space constructed directly on the ground. Typically, patios are positioned and created in such a way that they blend seamlessly with the rest of the yard design.
A firepit in the backyard, hardscaping design for the improvement of the outdoor

Fire Pits

A firepit enables you to spend more time immersed in the sounds of Mother Nature. If the night is warm, maintain the fire but move the seats away from the flames to avoid being overwhelmed by the heat.
Landscaping and Hardscaping services enhancing the residential property


We will design and install beautiful walkways that will complement your landscaping and hardscaping plan. We will use a range of materials to accomplish this. Give us a call and let us help.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

After a harsh winter, it’s critical to clean up so that your lawn can breathe. It eliminates dead areas, promotes grass growth, and overall improves the appearance of your property. We will remove leaves and aerate your lawn to maintain healthy, green grass.

Fall cleaning is similar to spring cleaning but involves winterizing gardens. It is critical to remove leaves in the fall since they will become matted and become more difficult to remove in the spring. Liming your grass increases nutrients and will result in a more bright and green lawn next season. It supplies nourishment to the turf’s roots and neutralizes the acids produced by fallen pine needles.
Mulch in a wheelbarrow, added to the soil to reduce weed growth and to maintain soil moisture
Snow plowing vehicle

Snow Removal

While walking through a winter wonderland may sound ideal, the reality of snowfall as an adult can be a pain. The days of seeing snow falling, getting your snow boots, and hurrying outside to play are long gone. Nowadays, a snowfall entails shoveling, snow blowing, and salting – not to mention sweating in the bitter cold while doing so.

Lundy’s Landscape Services will provide you with snow removal services that will keep your home safe and your lawn good-looking in the winter and following months. If you have an emergency situation and need someone right away, call 276-780-6286 right now.

Our Core Values

Clear Communication

You will know what is going on at all times as we work to take care of your yard. We answer calls and emails promptly and always show up on time.


Our team is made up of high quality individuals who work well together in order to bring you the best landscaping services possible.

Being the Best

Every day we strive to be the best we can be. It’s our mission to make sure you are satisfied with our work you continue to trust to take care of your property.
A wide residential lawn regularly maintained
A house front yard improved with landscaping services
A professional in a bucket lift to remove tree branches
A constructed walkway with elegant hardscaping design for the front yard

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